The Change we Need

Local Government

Central Government
My ultimate goal is to achieve a government which will increase local authority budgets to enable us to make real change and give our community the services and facilities we need.  


These are difficult times to be a Councillor. Central Government cuts mean that budgets will have been cut by about 50% by 2020. 

I believe that this does not mean that Councils should be complicit in cuts making excuses for them or trying to justify them by claiming that reductions in provision are inevitable consequences of austerity.

At every opportunity our Council should be highlighting that cuts are being forced upon us by the current government. This should be done both locally within wards and through the council's media and press releases.

Democracy and Accountability
Our council is run on an executive model which was imposed on Councils by legislation. This means that a lot of power is held by a few councillors on the executive. This legislation has now changed and there is an opportunity to introduce a more democratic committee model where groups of councillors are involved in debating and making major decisions. I am campaigning for a change to this model. Please sign the petition here