I can't continue to be complicit in the illusion of Local Government democracy in Leeds. I have resigned from the Labour Party to campaign for a change of governance of Leeds City Council.
As a ward Councillor I have very little influence on the politics of Leeds City Council despite previously being a member of the controlling group. The Council is run on an “Executive” or “Strong Leader and Cabinet” model. This means that the leader who is elected by the controlling group members appoints Executive Councillors to run sections of the Council “portfolios”. 
In the current "Strong Leader and Cabinet" model of governance just a few Executive Councillors in Leeds City Council are given the power to make nearly all Council decisions. In this undemocratic decision-making system, the other Councillors (from all parties) have little or no say. This petition is about making the Council change to use a more democratic decision-making system, "the Committee System" where all Councillors actually have the power to represent the people that elected them. No matter what your politics as a citizen of Leeds your elected Councillor should have a voice and input into decisions being made. If you are registered to vote in Leeds, sign now.