I have lived on the Monkswood Estate in Seacroft for the past 28 years bringing up two children with my partner Joanne who is a nurse. I served as a Firefighter for 25 years spending most of my career at Stanks Station before it was closed as part of the cuts to West Yorkshire Fire Service. For 4 years I was the Chair of the Fire Brigades Union in West Yorkshire. For 10 years I organised Community Triathlon events in the area and across the UK. I now organise on track training for aspiring racing motorcyclists and track day enthusiasts. I have a passion for providing opportunities for young people and was a founder member of Leeds BMX Club through which I campaigned for the building of Yeadon and Fearnville BMX tracks.
I became a Councillor to try and make positive change for the Communities of Leeds and to challenge the lack of democratic decision making through the "Strong Leader and Cabinet" model of Leeds City Council.

I am currently working hard on this specific issue. I have resigned from the Labour Party to concentrate on getting people to sign a petition to force a referendum on the Governance of Leeds City Council. We need to make collective decisions through a committee system of governance giving all Councillors input into decisions. Currently decisions are made by the Executive Members of Leeds City Council with very little input from other members of the Council.

Another issue I am passionate about is the illegal use and theft of motorcycles. Having secured £5000 of funding from the Police and Crime Commissioners Safer Communities fund I have created an educational anti motorcycle crime video to deliver in schools. This is supported by a website www.elmca.org We must provide accountability, alternatives and aspiration for our young people.

Through the hard work and demands of myself, Katie Dye and David Jenkins the Dennis Healey Community Centre in Seacroft  is being renovated. We have committed funding to revitalise this essential community asset. A Community Gym and Community Cafe has been created. Seacroft Community on Top are running many activities in the centre including a Parents and Tots group called Stay and Play, Youth Clubs and a Bingo night to compliment the Youth Service provision in the centre.

We are involved in planning and consulting on significant improvements being planned for Rein Park in North Seacroft and Seacroft Gardens as well as looking at the possibilities of creating some play provision for the Poole Estate in Crossgates.